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K9 Training Central Florida

Adrian Palau is the owner and CEO of No Limits K9. He has an Associate degree in Business Administration and Management from the Seminole State College of Florida. However, he has always been fascinated with dogs - specifically in caring for them and training them.

Adrian has stated that he finds fulfillment in helping people find hope in their best friend. No Limits K9 does not give up on dogs who are disobedient or challenging. We understand that this sometimes problems happen when the person handling the dog is not able to effectively communicate to the dog. We are certain that with the right K9 Training in Central Florida, these furry friends can become the best companions.

No Limits K9 has high standards in professionalism. We also take pride in giving our clients heartfelt service. We go out of our way to make sure the training we give strengthens the bond between people and their dogs. 

No Limits K9 has gained an excellent reputation for dog behavior training and dog obedience training. We also have dog boarding services. We have ample experience in dealing with all kinds of dogs - from formidable working dogs to adorable pets. Across the board with our K9 Training in Central Florida, we treat all dogs equally, with the same love and respect.

Above all else, No Limits K9 has made a commitment to provide a safe and fun environment for dogs. Our K9 Training programs prioritize the welfare of dogs and ensuring that nothing harms them.

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