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Dog Training

When it comes to working with dogs, a dog trainer must treat them like family. This means that he or she must make it clear to the dog that there should be absolutely no fear involved in their relationship. The foundation of their bond must be love and respect. In this case, "love" is a combination of genuine affection and discipline.

No Limits K9 is known for their Specialty Training for Protection and Competition Dogs. They are also focused on Dog Behavior Modification. These are the programs that most clients seek. We take a personalized approach in both the Dog Protection Training and Competition programs. We adjust its intensity to suit the personality and capabilities of the dog.

Puppy Training (6 Sessions)

No Limits K9 also has a Puppy Training Program that is available for all dog breeds. This is a group class, with six sessions priced at $110.

No Limits K9 is a dog training facility that aims to nurture dogs and guide them in developing their abilities. We see dogs as partners in our endeavors. In a way, they are part of our family. We treat them with sincere love and great respect.

Dog Boarding

No Limits K9 also has facilities for dog boarding - ideally for crate-trained dogs.

No Limits K9 aims to breed and train top quality dogs for police work, sport, and personal protection. Although we usually breed Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for this purpose, other dogs breeds are more than welcome, too.

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